Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Latest...

So here are the Latest....of the past week.

1) Mommy Got a hair cut!

2) Halle got her ears peirced!

3) Kirk got me roses for our 3 yr. Anniversary. ( And I completely forgot).

4) Noah is now sleeping in a big boy bed...after climbing out of his 5 times today.

We'll see how he does in a bed 2night...I don't know how he's ever going to take a nap. I'm sure he'll just play.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Update

I have to say I wasn't homesick before we went to Utah. Now that I know how hard it is traveling with 2 babies, I'm extremely homesick!!! I'm afraid we won't go home as much as we want to... so we would love visitors.
Tonight we met up in Manhattan with Kirk's cousin Rachel, her husband Nate, and son Luke! It was so much fun to see them and have dinner. We walked down to time square and then the babies had enough, we had to call it a night! I love walking around the city, but the subways are tricky maneuvering a giant jogging stroller up and down the stairs.
Kirk is starting his anesthesia rounds at the Hospital which he loves. Yesterday he did a surgery (start to finish) as the anesthesiologist....all by himself. I'm so proud of him! He's such a determined and hard working guy.
Noah and Halle are doing great! I love being a mom more than anything. We are truly here on earth to have families....there is no greater happiness than having children--it's so amazing.
Here are some pics from our visit to Utah, and more of our life here in NY.
Becca drove her car out to DC w/3 of her friends & then on the way home we got on the same flight so she could help me with my kids.
Kirk and I were in traffic and made it 30 min. before the plane took off. It was so stressful, we just barely made it....but the kids did great on the flight.

LAKE POWELL...the best place on earth!

Grandma J'net offered to watch Noah so I could go to Lake Powell with my family. (Kirk was back in NY).
I love my little Noah to death, but I have to say it was the most relaxing vacation I've had for the past 18 months.

My sister Becca just got married (that's why we went home)...and now she and her husband are living in DC. They came up for the weekend and we had a blast in the city and hanging out at our house together.
The cute Newly weds! Becca and Levi Darrington

One of Noah's favorite things is to climb up on the changing table w/Halle.

My cute little girl.

My cute little boy...
Noah kept putting his hand in his pocket and then he would get it stuck. It was so funny!

This was us getting back to NY at 11:00 pm...after 3 different flights. (I will never let Kirk make flight arrangements again)! Nobody should have to go through what we experienced this day with our babies. We definitely had to capture this beautiful moment (babies sleeping). What a day!