Friday, May 8, 2009

Johnson Update

I can't believe how fast time is going by. Halle is a month old...and we have a month until we move to New York!
I would say I'm excited, except I have no clue where we're moving to....we are going out in 2 weeks to find a house to rent! Once we go there & find something, I'm sure I'll be much more content.
Kirk is excited to work at the hospital. He's OBSESSED with all doctor shows. I swear that's all we watch. Scrubs, Grey's anatomy, House, The Dr's, ER--pretty sure we catch them all. I'm excited for him too.
Halle is such an incredible baby! I swear Heavenly Father's blessed me with her so that I'll have more kids....It's been so much fun having a newborn again.
It's been FOREVER since I've posted any there are a ton!

Me and my sister Maranda and her cute baby Kamryn! Halle and her are gonna be BEST friends.

Halle loves 3 things...Sleep, sleep, and more sleep! I swear that's all she does.
Noah means comfort, peace and REST--I think that's what Halle should mean. It's much more fitting for her!

I'm surprised she's so alert in this photo

Sleeping with daddy
Halle hates tummy time! I swear no baby likes it.

Halle always pulls her headbands down over her eyes. It's pretty funny, and kind of sad because she cries like crazy. Kirk calls her a little bandit!

Halle's waving to the camera

My cute little girl.