Monday, December 14, 2009


Halle is at such a perfect stage right now. I love that she can sit up on her own but can't crawl, I'm sure that's just around the corner. (then the real work begins....)
She is so happy and content to be entertained by her bouncer, toys, or big brother.

She is holding her own bottle!!! (when I can get her to take one). She is so stubborn, I want to wean her but she's not making it easy for me!

And....Flirty as ever! She has her daddy and every guy wrapped around her finger!
What a cutie!!!

New pose

Noah is so funny!!! Whenever I have the camera out and I tell him to do his pose, this is what he does....Kirk says he is already trying to show off his muscles in a pic. He totally came up with it on his own... It's HIS pose!

Wearing Daddy's basketball shoes!...Those are some pretty BIG shoes to fill.

Don't ask about the glasses! Kirk put them on him...and of course Noah left them on for daddy!