Thursday, September 17, 2009

We enjoyed Monday at the beach in Connecticut, it was absolutely perfect-- And every day since has been extremely cold! This NY weather has been something else...
So we went from swimming in the ocean to bundling our babies (beanies & sweaters) all in the same week. It is the craziest thing!
We go on this path around this is so pretty and really close to our house! I love all the trees, can't wait to see them change colors!

We spent half the day on the other side of this island, and the amazing sandy beach was on the opposite side (who knew) the time we came to the RIGHT side, we were ready to head home. So we didn't change into our suits, Noah and daddy just swam in their shorts!

He looks like he doesn't like the water in this pic, but trust me he was in Heaven!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More house pics...
I am in the middle of Staining my bedroom furniture and decorating my room, so I'll post more pics once I finish that project.

This is the view just as you walk in the entry, the living room is off to the right and straight back is the kitchen.
Halle was laying her head on Noah's shoulder, it was so cute...

Kirk's cousin Haley and her husband Jason came out with some friends to go to the U.S. open, so they came and stayed the night and hung out for a couple of days! We had so much fun.
I love Haley, she feels just like a sister!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun in NY

We've been having so much fun lately.
Kirk has been doing Anesthesia for over a month's the longest he's gone without doing Dentistry! Which feels pretty weird for him.
I'm loving it because he's been working on-call a lot (which means he sleeps at the hospital) but he has the next day off, which I LOVE...
The weather has been incredible lately. We've spent a lot of time out side, and I love my new jogging stroller. I would recommend an In Step double jogger to anyone with 2 babies, it's the BEST.

The picture above is on a road to this amazing beach in Connecticut....just 30 min. from our house. We are in a prime location 4 some pretty incredible vacationing!!

Noah with his girl friends sittin on the front of the fire truck...The firemen are really cute with the kids...Noah loved driving the big truck, but not as much as he loves driving Papa's boat!!

We just bought a Bumbo for Halle, and she loves it. She fell asleep on the table while we were eating dinner. It was so cute. Someone is one rich mama for this genius invention.... I LOVE IT.