Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It has been forever since I posted some pics...
We are keeping busy.
This last July I started doing daycare . The first month I watched 2 kids. (Brothers). Ross--3 yrs. old and John Paul 6 months. Now I'm just watching John Paul.
It has been a good experience...every now and again Halle and Noah get attention deprived and turn extremely needy on me, but they have done really well having another baby in the house. Who knows--maybe it's time for #3.

Kirk is enjoying oral surgery. In January he will do 6 months of General Surgery rotation and will be very busy, so we are enjoying having him around as much as he is right now.

Noah is learning so much. He says the funniest things. One day we were driving in the car and he says to me..."Your papa Doug, and I'm papa Mike." (He's into pretending to be people)....and a few minutes later I listened to him ask Halle...."Halle, how's your day"....and then a second later, "Don't worry, it's ok." Who knows what goes on in that little mind. He's so cute.

Halle is full of personality--and mostly ATTITUDE!
Her days are full of frustration. Hopefully once she starts talking she won't feel so helpless.
Girls and boys are totally different, but at this point--equally difficult.
We love them though and are so blessed to have them in our life.

Halle w/John Paul

Noah being a football star!! The soccer basket is his helmet...if you couldn't tell.

Muscle man!