Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cousin Emma's Birthday party

Noah w/his cousin Jaylee at the statue Halle's bday! We celebrated w/the 3 of us.
Kirk had to stay at the we had a party with our
friends the next night.

Noah on my sister's pony! He fits perfectly.
Noah's favorite toy for now!!!
Halle's 1 yr check up.
Noah w/cousin Jackson
Noah's favorite bud. Cousin Ehtan.
Halle is cruising around holding on to things and standing for short periods of time. I'm sure she'll start walking some day soon and I'll regret ever wanting it to happen.
Noah is such a cute big brother. He is starting to be protective of Halle. When ever she is doing something that looks like she could get hurt he says, "be careful Halle." He walks in front of her if she is getting near stairs and says no, no Halle. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about protecting her from him every second of the day.
We are approaching our 1st year of living here in NY. Kirk is glad to be through his intern year. It has taken a little adjusting. We think about how carefree our lives use to be. It is definitley different now, but I am loving every second of it.