Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas ...and more!

Christmas morning...hence the beanie! No way am I trying to fix this girls crazy hair for pictures!!!

I guess I will just leave the shopping to Daddy in the future! I had finished all of the Christmas shopping and then Kirk decided to take the kids out one Sat. and let them pick their own gifts...Halle picked up this giant set of princess barbies...and then Noah decided to upgrade what he had to a fancier gift too. (A lightening McQueen race track, costing a whopping $60. What!!!
It kills me to spend $15 dollars on toys. I try to stay w/in the $5-10 range. Oh, I guess we will try something new next year. The kids got way too much, and really only loved the 2 gifts daddy got them:)

We went into the city to Time Square and to see the big tree at Rockefeller plaza...I forgot my camera:( So I snapped these photos of the kids on our car ride home. It was so much fun, but freezing cold. Halle was an angel...and slept in the stroller for 2 hours. We had a great time.

Best buds....MOST of the time!!!

Gettysburg....on the way to visit Becca and Levi.

Our sweet little Halle.
I can't believe she will turn 3 in April...and she was only 2 months old when we moved out here to NY.
Kirk is excited to be a Chief Resident in July....but more excited to be a Daddy of 3!!!!
Yes, I am pregnant AGAIN. I feel great and can't wait to have our little summer baby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The ZOO!!! We went to the zoo this morning, as a field trip w/the kids in Noah's Preschool class!
You would think the kids would be mesmerized by the zebras, tigers, giraffs, or polar bears...but no--my kids just like fish:)

Ewan, Penelope, Jane, Noah and Halle!!!

Hiking in the Rockefeller preserve!!! I wish Kirk would let me run here by myself...the trails go on and on for miles and miles. I guess I need to find myself a good running partner!!! It is so BEAUTIFUL. I love it here!!

Halle had her first cleaning at the Dentist!!! She was amazing. Best 2 1/2 yr old patient Aunt Ally has ever worked on:)


I should have waited another week...and then it would almost be a complete year since my last post!
Now that's sad!!!
Time is going by so FAST (and slow) contradiction! I know.
I can't believe we are more than half way done with Kirk's residency!!! YAY. I am happy, but also nervous because now we have to make the decision of where we are going to live!!! Noah will be starting Kindergarten the month after we finish. We will see where Kirk finds a good match as an associate!!!
Noah and Halle are growing up so fast!
I love this age for both of them! However, I could do with a few less meltdowns from HALLE. I'm pretty sure that will never go away, seeing she is a GIRL:)

Noah is the best workout partner/trainer I could have. The other day on my jog, we were climbing the hill and Noah says to me, "Mom you are doing so good. You are almost there!!!" Now that's encouragement!!! Also, later on our jogging path he says, "jog faster mom--even faster". It did help when things were getting boring!

Halle is our little copy-cat. She watches EVERYTHING!! (I guess I better set a better example.) The other day we were having dinner and I saw her wipe her mouth and take a drink of her water right after I had finished doing both of those things!!! It is pretty hilarious. She is so sweet...I love her and Noah so much.

I am trying to upload pictures, but not having success! Could I have forgotten?
I will try again later--or in another post.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It has been forever since I posted some pics...
We are keeping busy.
This last July I started doing daycare . The first month I watched 2 kids. (Brothers). Ross--3 yrs. old and John Paul 6 months. Now I'm just watching John Paul.
It has been a good experience...every now and again Halle and Noah get attention deprived and turn extremely needy on me, but they have done really well having another baby in the house. Who knows--maybe it's time for #3.

Kirk is enjoying oral surgery. In January he will do 6 months of General Surgery rotation and will be very busy, so we are enjoying having him around as much as he is right now.

Noah is learning so much. He says the funniest things. One day we were driving in the car and he says to me..."Your papa Doug, and I'm papa Mike." (He's into pretending to be people)....and a few minutes later I listened to him ask Halle...."Halle, how's your day"....and then a second later, "Don't worry, it's ok." Who knows what goes on in that little mind. He's so cute.

Halle is full of personality--and mostly ATTITUDE!
Her days are full of frustration. Hopefully once she starts talking she won't feel so helpless.
Girls and boys are totally different, but at this point--equally difficult.
We love them though and are so blessed to have them in our life.

Halle w/John Paul

Noah being a football star!! The soccer basket is his helmet...if you couldn't tell.

Muscle man!

Friday, August 6, 2010

It is 5:00 and I can't believe both of my babies are still sleeping from their afternoon naps. I thought I would post a few pics while I had a minute.

Ross and Noah painting...a new passion!!!

We went to the beach last Sat. and had so much fun!

Halle's 1st cut...and it had to be on her face!!
These pictures were taken on our 1 year Anniversary of moving to NY. We picked up food from this little diner exactly one year to the date, so we thought it would be a fun tradition to go back there. Sometimes little diners have the best food.

I can't believe it's been over a year. I love everything about living here... I love the friends I've made and I love Tarrytown. It is so beautiful here. I have a feeling it will be hard when it's time to move!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is so hillarious...
I was busy making cards for my niece and nephew's Bday, and I decided to check on Noah who was supposed to be taking a nap.
His bed was empty, so I immediately thought he went outside.
My heart started racing--I ran to the back door, but it was still locked. Then I came back to check his bed again and when I walked into the family room I saw his little feet barely showing out from under the pillows on the couch.

He looks so tall! must be the angle!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Halle's 1st B-day pics....Finally!

The other morning I was getting ready for our Primary Activity so I put Halle in her crib. She sat in there for seriously 1 hr and 45 min. just hanging out. She must have known I was kind of stressed and needed the time. She never even made a peep. It was unbelievable! No toys or bottle, just her blankies and her baby doll. How does that happen???
She has so much personality! I love how happy she is all the time.

The Barbie CAKE!
Noah, trying to lick his frosting...

Messy hair to go w/the messy face.

Our friends David & Jessica came over for dinner. We ate the cake outside. (A smart decision)
Campbelle, Mckay, Noah & Halle

So Sweet!
I swear it starts at once. They instantly start causing trouble when they turn a year.
Getting into drawers! Lovely.
Just looking for something 2 get into.
Birthday morning....a few minutes later the drawer was empty.
:)LOVE cleaning up the messes....
....And she helps me unload the dishwasher!
Oh, but I love her!!! Halle is such an Angel. I am so lucky to have her.