Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I should have waited another week...and then it would almost be a complete year since my last post!
Now that's sad!!!
Time is going by so FAST (and slow) contradiction! I know.
I can't believe we are more than half way done with Kirk's residency!!! YAY. I am happy, but also nervous because now we have to make the decision of where we are going to live!!! Noah will be starting Kindergarten the month after we finish. We will see where Kirk finds a good match as an associate!!!
Noah and Halle are growing up so fast!
I love this age for both of them! However, I could do with a few less meltdowns from HALLE. I'm pretty sure that will never go away, seeing she is a GIRL:)

Noah is the best workout partner/trainer I could have. The other day on my jog, we were climbing the hill and Noah says to me, "Mom you are doing so good. You are almost there!!!" Now that's encouragement!!! Also, later on our jogging path he says, "jog faster mom--even faster". It did help when things were getting boring!

Halle is our little copy-cat. She watches EVERYTHING!! (I guess I better set a better example.) The other day we were having dinner and I saw her wipe her mouth and take a drink of her water right after I had finished doing both of those things!!! It is pretty hilarious. She is so sweet...I love her and Noah so much.

I am trying to upload pictures, but not having success! Could I have forgotten?
I will try again later--or in another post.

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