Monday, January 25, 2010

These are pictures from our Christmas vacation!
I figured as long as I wasn't posting Christmas in February then we were safe!!!

I was worried before we left for Utah that it would fly by way too fast. Surprisingly it was the perfect amount of time for a vacation. (Of course it can always be LONGER) but at least it wasn't too short!
We had plans every day and night....and loved every minute of it!!!
Noah loved being w/his grandparents and cousins. It was fun to see everyone and can't wait for next Christmas. (That's when we'll be going back to Utah)....SAD--but the plane ride makes me realize that I'm okay with it!

We miss you all and had a great time while we were home!

Grammy and Halle

Papa Mike and Noah

Noah loved his cousin Ethan's toys...we had to force him to open his own presents!!!
If only I would have known ahead of time. Next year I think we'll just let him play w/ toys already opened....and save a little cash!

TRUCKS--Also Ethan's....

Great Grandpa Atwood & Halle

Uncle Blake and Noah's 2nd cousin Jackson!...We love the Hawkins' and Call family!

Noah w/ his cousins Lea and Whitney

Beautiful Aunt Kathryn and baby Halle!!!

Noah w/his Papa Johnson and cousin Braxton!

Too bad we don't live close to one of Noah's favorite cousins...JOSIE!
We decided that Noah and Josie have the same energy level and would
be perfect at keeping up w/each other, and wearing each other out!!!